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“As part of GiveMeTap’s 5-year celebration, Sarah Owusu partnered with them to design 3 new bottles to bring their bottles to life and do something which they had never done before, collaborate with an Artist. The collaboration was titled “Owusuism” which is a term deriving from her name which she uses to describe her style of art.

This collaboration really showcased Sarah’s work in a very exciting way. In this collaboration, she intentionally chose to design the “Our Africa” bottle with the colours black, yellow, green and orange. Black was chosen to represent the people, yellow as a portrayal of the sun and gold on the land, green to represent the richness of the land in resources and greenery and orange to represent the harvest. With the symbolic bottles, she chose to design these with Adinkra symbols which she often incorporates into her work. The Adinkra symbols chosen were Gye Nyame (Only God), Akoma which symbolises love, Adinkrahene which is the symbol of authority, greatness and prudence and Mpatapo which symbolises harmony. These were four very strong symbols which were the closest in line with GiveMeTap’s values so it was a partnership which was destined to happen!

Every GiveMeTap bottle purchased will give someone in Ghana access to clean drinking water.”